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Is it possible to install 2 modems in a PC and make them work at the same time ?

I have installes 2 internal modems in my PC that is running Windows 2003 Server. There is no conflict in device manage. But only one of the modems is working. If I disable one of them, no matter which one, the other will then work.

Could some one tell me why they will not work together and what to do to have two remote access to the server via modems ?

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4 Responses to “Is it possible to install 2 modems in a PC and make them work at the same time ?”

  1. snvffy said :

    YOu have a port or IRQ conflict

  2. Sumanth said :

    You ‘ll face many conflicts

  3. robspi46825 said :

    You need to ensure that the modems are set to use different COM ports and Irq numbers. Since you said that when you disable one and the other works, they are setup improperly. Once this is fixed, you will be able to dial into your server from either modem. If you want to dial out to an ISP using both modems, ensure that your ISP will allow a multilink session and set that up in your dial properties. This will work and it works very well.

    As an alternative… If you have 2 external com ports in your computer, purchase external modems. Since they use the settings of the com ports, you will not run into COM or Irq issues.

  4. Sarah said :

    why on earth would a pc need two modems in it?? thats absurd.
    it only needs one to work..if u want to set up two pc’s to the same line then get a router. But 2 on 1 pc .??? ¿¿☺ thats dumb actually u dont need it


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