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Is it possible to start Pc with remote access?

Is it possible to start pc which is in a home/ domain network. We have a three pc which are connected with one 8 port switch in one domain network and i have working on 1st pc and i have to start 2nd pc through remote access. Please any one know please answer.

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6 Responses to “Is it possible to start Pc with remote access?”

  1. FuCTup said :

    you cant turn on the pc remotely if that’s what your trying to do

  2. Mike said :

    No. Since it is off there is no way for any software to run to start the boot process.

  3. Mel said :

    Yes it is possible. The only solution I know of is Wake-On-Lan, which must be supported by your NIC/motherboard/BIOS. Once enabled, your NIC will be consuming a small amount of power during standby and will wait for a broadcasted “wake up” packet addressed to it.

    WOL operates below protocol level (TCP, UDP etc) so it doesnt need the IP but the MAC address of the NIC instead. It is also platform independent – a linux box can wake up a windows system just as it would another linux box.

    minor hitches:
    – no confirmation mechanism, so its not very reliable and difficult to troubleshoot
    – only works in the local network (but I’ve heard its also possible thru internet by means of VPN tunneling)
    – the waking computer wouldn’t know who “waked him up” since it is a broadcast message.

    here’s an example on how to use WOL using C# from

  4. sodick said :

    Yes you can, your network card firtsly must support it, it’s called “could boot” – basically there must be power on themother board, you can the access a web interface(web page) on your network card which allows you to re-boot, startup, shutdown or change IP address if you need to, you can do bio’s updates to your mother board and more, Heavy gamers use this alot to over clock there CPU speed.


  5. adml_shake said :

    Wake on lan would be your best option. That usually has to be turned on in the bios. And as long as there is an active network connection and power to that PC you can use a program to send a wake up packet to that PC. Once it gets it, it will start to boot like normal.

    The other option, I think you only find in higher end PC’s and mostly servers. DRAC cards and such support the powered off web interface, but I’ve rarely seen that on a PC.

  6. al_v said :

    Look at the site that allows you wake up remote computer over the Internet.


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