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is reformatting the hard drive the ultimate cure for slow computer?

my computer was very slow. it was reduced to a crawl. anti-virus scans found no infection. i then re-installed the entire operating system with the recovery CD. All the programs and files that were gone by the recovery, were downloaded and installed again. Now the computer works very fast like lightning. So what was causing the computer to be slow if there was no malware?

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8 Responses to “is reformatting the hard drive the ultimate cure for slow computer?”

  1. Steven Igneri said :

    Programs that run in the background when you start it up….over time you install programs without realizing what it asks you during the install if you want it to start when windows starts…

    There are also some viruses that cant be picked up by virus scanners that are network services and leech off your machine

  2. Arikon said :

    Well you didnt mention if you had been defragmenting your computer because that can help speed everything up. Also windows runs on a registry that keeps track of everything and that can get filled with errors slowing everything way down. There are programs to fix that such as Windows Registry Repair Pro. And finally your computer will have more and more programs starting with it during boot, and a clean install will remove those programs from your boot list so that there isnt so much running all at once.

  3. David E said :

    Bitrot. As you install and uninstall programs etc on windows, things get left behind. Those things eventually cause the computer to run slow. Some people reinstall the OS about once a year. Some more often.

  4. Angel said :


  5. Ed G said :

    Over time a computer will slow down for many reasons. If you keep it tuned up, it will run fine. I actually will take a new computer and make it faster by shutting down startup programs that don’t need to run. Also if you never defrag your hard drive you computer can slow down to a crawl. My desktop is almost 4 years old and is vista, which everyone claimed ran slow. As soon as I got it I tuned it up and it’s fast and still as fast as when I first started using it. Here are a couple of good free tune up programs;1

  6. teandbikkies said :

    That is about the most you can do short of hardware upgrades.

  7. Elect Seu said :

    Have check you pc make sure why is your pc is slow.

  8. Seven Hhgo said :

    For running slow there are many causes:
    Microsoft Registry Problems

    Clean windows registry can speed up the computer.
    Registry Cleaner can fix your pc errors.
    Over time, you install new programs, uninstalled unimportant programs, update software’s, install new devices,
    download files from the web, etcetera, hence embarking all records in the registry system.
    This is normal, but it is not wise to leave it untouched.
    Once in a while, you have to check and remove files that are no longer in use to maintain the speed of your PC.
    Clean registry make pc faster.


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