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Is there a way of keeping the MS office software on a PC after a full system restore?

If I wanted to restore my PC to its original state, would I be able to re-install my activated office software without buying another product key?

I bought a disk for use with one PC, I have activated if already.

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4 Responses to “Is there a way of keeping the MS office software on a PC after a full system restore?”

  1. Mercuri said :

    No, you cannot keep Office if you do a full system restore. However, since this would be the same PC, your should be able to reinstall it and reactivate it. In the worst case, just do phone activation and talk to someone. They’ll help you out.

  2. vitaliy_555 said :

    yeah, as long as you registered it, you should be able to just put in your disk, and sign in

    IF not

    then just put your key in

    most of the time the way keys work is One at a time, or its unique and non-reinstallable.
    the latter is very rare
    the former is quite popular, so you can’t possibly use your old activated version therefore your new activated version is the one that works

    in short
    don’t worry it will work

  3. The answer king said :

    yes yo can just download a trial version of the program and use the key you have to activate it. go to to download the trial version of your product.

  4. Andy said :

    You sure can. The surefire way to do this is to uninstall it from your PC before you do the restore. This will recover your license and you can reinstall it with your disc. Let us know if you have any questions on the Office page on Facebook.

    MSFT Office Outreach


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