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Should I buy a refurbished phone ?

Refurbished phones are phones returned to the manufacturer and rebuilt for new specifications. Getting a refurbished phone has its advantages and disadvantages. Most of the times, a phone company will no longer manufacture certain models but can buy a refurbished of the same kind.

In all respect, refurbished phone should work exactly like the one. This case are more likely to happen especially if the phone has no features as complex as cameras, Bluetooth or personal digital assistant. Due to the fast growing phone modernization, customers are regularly upgrading their phones almost every year or so, and where do the old phone go? Phone that are no longer compatible with the new cellular system are discarded and others are returned to the factory to be refurbished. This is another reason why there are phones that malfunction.

Buying refurbish phone greatly depends on the phone manufacturer. Known brand normally produce great products, but this is not the case with off or unknown brands. A customer should always ask the cellular providers if they have numerous refurbished phones returned due to malfunction. Most of the time, manufacturer provides warranty, but remember to insist one from the provider.

Most people want to avoid the risk of having malfunction due to refurbishments but some do not want to learn the use of their new phone all over again and would prefer their old phone model if a refurbished one is available. Price is another factor; no customer would pay or should pay mush for refurbished phones. Regardless of the features the phone offers, if it is refurbished, customer should not pay with for the price of a brand new. Remember that most cellular phone providers offer refurbish phones free along with a contract, for signing up and upgrade.

The main things you should think of when buying a refurbished phone are price, quality and warranty. If these factors are fixed to your satisfaction, then getting a refurbished phone will not be a bad idea.

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