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slow computer?

I recently restored factory setting on my computer, and ever since it seems like there is a programe running in the back ground , it makes clicking sounds the computer is running slow, and the videos are not running properly,they stop and run again.What should i do ?

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3 Responses to “slow computer?”

  1. David said :

    click on start>run. Type in msconfig

    Then on the startup tab, uncheck the programs you don’t want. and your computer should startup faster now.

  2. Jason C said :

    If it is under warranty, start looking into how you can have that cover a service. This sounds like a hard drive impending failure. I am assuming that the Restore Factory Settings process is simply wiping the hard drive clean and reinstalling a drive image back onto the drive. Did it take a while? Like 30-45 mins? If so, then this is what it did. That is quite a lot of work for a hard drive and stress like that can exacerbate hard drive issues you may not have been able to even notice.

    If warranty is out of the question, then now is the time to begin backing up anything you want to keep that may be on of the HDD and looking into a replacement.

  3. Ham said :

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