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The hard drive on my PC running a licensed copy of windows XP has died. How do I reload xp?

I have now purchased a new hard drive but I have no xp discs from when I purchased the PC. I still have the product key (on a sticker stuck to the PC). Is there a way of reloading windows without buying a new copy?

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10 Responses to “The hard drive on my PC running a licensed copy of windows XP has died. How do I reload xp?”

  1. joe.attaboy said:

    Not unless you have the original installation disks or recovery disks.

  2. sp33dstix said:

    Yes, download an illegal copy and use the XP sticker on your PC.
    Works like a charm.

    Also check out:

    It isn’t “legal” either but it works so well. Better then anything Microsoft has released.

    You actually pay for the “key” not the actual physical CD. Depending on the licence key you purchase you can install XP on multiple computers and not be violating the EULA (end user license agreement)

  3. jack99skellington said:

    Borrow a CD. Since you have your CD-Key, it’s not big deal.

  4. Young rappa11 said:

    THers like a cd terms and conditions thing you should search for it on google…………at a friends house or something

  5. jdare said:

    Down load from a friends Pc using your numbers

  6. subOlimnuflik said:

    You can download it from the internet if you can find a clean torrent or, you can buy recovery disks from your computer’s manufacturer. Usually for about $15.00 or from for about $25.00

  7. Belgariad said:

    There are ways you can transfer a windows program and all of it’s software over to another computers hard drive. Normally you need an intermediate drive like an external drive to handel the transfer of the software.

  8. Howdy said:

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  9. Un Bandyk said:

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  10. Ronna Eberling said:

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