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What are computer benchmarks ?

Although most computers are used simply for work, internet surfing or chat, others are used in testing or developing hardware and software. To gauge the performance of software and hardware, special tests known as computer benchmarks are used. Computer benchmarks involve a set of test in measuring the level or speed of performance. Some systems are not able to perform in certain levels, so benchmarks are important to determine if a hardware or software is stable, before using.

Developers who create their own games and performance systems use a series of benchmarks in comparing scores to rank whose systems are better. Benchmarks usually include sound tests, graphic tests and plenty of other options in diagnosing problems.

Other multi-tasking benchmarks are available to determine how well a computer can perform in stressful situations, such as running several programs at a time. Every time a user opens a program, his or her computer slows down. By using benchmarks, a user can determine which programs use up your system the most, helping you decide which programs should be turned off, while using demanding applications. Some benchmarks test the entire system, while others are specially designed in testing a certain part of the system, such as the hard drive, video cards, memory, CPU, sound card or network connection.

Regardless of which type of benchmarks used, these tests help users determine system problems and where these problems are located. As a result, it keeps expenses down in updating or repairing a computer since certain areas would only be replaced or repaired.

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