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What are some cool/fun FREE apps for the android phone?

I just got an android phone (HTC aria) and i want to put some fun games/apps on there but idk which ones. Any good ones that are free?

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5 Responses to “What are some cool/fun FREE apps for the android phone?”

  1. Dr. Fk n Stuff KIA GCG ; said :

    Angry Birds Beta
    its so damned addictive, waiting for the full version to come out, its the one thing i WILL pay for
    and fun putt mini golf
    finger bowling
    find its
    moron test
    word feud (like scrabble with online opponents)
    and i also like having yahtzee, euchre, texas hold em on there

  2. Shara said :

    Try these apps recommended on

    Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz
    Totemo Lite
    Bonsai Blast

    Hope that helps!

    Shara at Appolicious

  3. Bella said :

    blockbuster video
    find differences (game)
    Score Center (espn sports)
    RingTone (free songs)
    Skype (must have!)
    WordUp (nerdy but fun game!)

  4. droidnewbie said :

    There are so many apps on the market it is overwhelming to decide, and having an Aria myself, I know the amount of space for apps is limited, but two of my favorite sites to find the best rated and most popular apps are “Android Police” and “AppBrain.”

    My favorite productivity applications are Note Everything, OI File Manager, Barcode Scanner, CopiPe, and Dropbox. I think the BEST browser is Dolphin Browser, and I also love my Android Kindle application for e-book reading on my phone.

    I don’t play many games but these are my die-hard, use every day applications!

  5. Abetas said :

    Here is a VoIP calling apps for free calls and IMs.


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