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What are some good online games for a slow computer?

I don’t have dial up, but it’s pretty freakin close. What are some good online games that will run smoothly on my computer? I went to but its pretty hard for my computer to handle, but i like the basic idea of a website like that.

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4 Responses to “What are some good online games for a slow computer?”

  1. Danny R said :

    try like or

  2. Boberson said :

    You have quite a big selection to choose from despite that. Games like aardwolf,, lusternia, and threshold RPG to begin with. A good place to start is here

  3. Katie said :

    i have a really slow computer too, but if you like games like where you make your own person and stuff here are a few websites
    If you like war games (cool old games – tons here!) (another big listing of games!) (I just found this site but they have a huge listing of sites that offer abandoned software which is now freely distributed on the internet. There should be a ton of places to find free software that meets your needs here!) (detective game looks fun!)
    If you can’t click the link copy and past the URL

  4. Thunder X said :

    hey, if you have slow internet connection, then flash game might be perfect for you, check this website to find more info about online flash game



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