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What are the best Android apps?

Well I just bought an HTC Evo 4G and I am in need of pimping it out. What I am asking for is some really good Android apps, free or not, but preferably free.

Thanks. Person who suggests the best app wins 10points .

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4 Responses to “What are the best Android apps?”

  1. LeviathanTM said :

    astro file explorer
    wifi tethering (must have root)
    custom rom (must have root)
    ADW Launcher

  2. Magicjack Blows said :

    easiest thing to do is going to the app market and do a top games/apps, and read the reviews.

  3. utanswers said :

    pWall is my complete favorite. You can get a free version that allows you to choose 5 pictures- but the full/paid version (under $2.00 I believe) allows you to do as many as you’d like. You can have your background change, in many different time period options, to pictures you have on your phone, or pictures you take. Its completely wonderful. Its fun to see many of my favorite pictures on my phone background. It makes great phones even more fun! The developer is great too. I’ve had a couple questions with earlier releases of the program and he actually replied and helped (which is not always common!) Its great, I really suggest checking it out.

  4. Novita said :

    AndroXplorer is the best.


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