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What are the best apps to get in the Android Market?

My Verizon HTC Incredible is coming this week, and I am new to smartphones. What are the best apps to get in the android market?

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5 Responses to “What are the best apps to get in the Android Market?”

  1. Lukehluke said :

    I have listed a site with a list of good applications.

  2. Lovebb Xie said :

    You could do a search, or search by the category.

    But, also, there’re lot’s of shared resources in the internet, for example:

    This is a site that supplies lot’s of themes, apps, games and wallpapers for the android.

    Enjoy it, wish you good luck and find something you like.

  3. Dany said :

    I think the best android application for your smart phone is any application that you can think of that you can use and let some professionals make it for you. My recommendation is androidappdeveloper. its as easy as this, think of any application that you want to be in your smart phone and let them make it for you. Now that would be the best android application.

  4. Appolicious said :

    Hi Hey,

    I work for Appolicious, and we have a bunch of lists of our users’ favorite Android apps, including:

    Top Apps for new Android Users:

    See all Android lists:

    And check out Android news and reviews at the Android Roundup:

    Hope that helps!

    Shara at Appolicious

  5. Jessica G said :

    Everything on this list is free from the android market
    Most if not all applications in this list have 4 stars and up.


    Advance task killer – kill running task easily

    Album art grabber – if you cant find album art for some of your music this app is the best.

    Apps Organizer – Organize your apps (especially if you have allot on your home screen)

    Astro – it’s like a windows explorer. Allows you to look through the directories on the phone and much more (you can also view png files that you email to yourself if you download this)

    Barcode scanner – Allows you to easily download apps from the web strait to your droid using a desktop or laptop

    Bible (YouVersion) – The best bible app out there. Gives you access to all translations you can think of

    Documents to go – allows you to view pdf, word, excel, (and I think PowerPoint) from your droid

    Droid light – turns your led flash into a flash light

    Google voice – if you have a Google voice account, you can send text messages and call
    anyone for free (you cant receive calls for free on your cell phone though)

    Missed Call – If you missed a call and didn’t hear it ring, a light will blink showing you that you missed a call or text message

    Mixzing lite – allows you to play your music and show the album art even if you don’t have it

    Mobile Banking – allows you to check your banking accounts from your phone easy and securely
    ***My Days – (for women) allows her to enter personal information about her lady stuff

    ScreenModeWidget – allow you to keep your screen from sleeping, allow your screen to sleep but when you turn it back on, it’s not locked, or allow it to auto sleep and when you turn your phone back on, its locked (This is a widget)

    An even better one than the ScreenModeWidget is ScreenOn – allows you to pick which applications you want the screen to say on for. So say you are using the browser and you don’t want the screen to turn off, then open screen on and select browser and the screen will stay on as long as the browser is open.

    Tech Buzz widget – stay up to date with all the latest android news (this is a must have)

    iMusic – allows you to listen to almost any music you can think of free. Also allows you to download the music free as well. Just search for your favorite artist and see their music pop up.

    Movies – application that tells you when movies are playing and in what theater. You can even order tickets on it. It also gives you a trailer to watch just in case you don’t remember what the movie is about.

    Air hockey demo
    —Poke a mole
    Radiant lite
    GameBoid Lite
    Robo Defense
    Raging Thunder 2

    Google sky map
    Engadget – Keep up to date with the latest technology.
    Lookout – Anti virus for android, gives remote wipe if your device is stolen. Also tells you the exact location of your phone if it is lost and it will play a loud siren for you to find it.

    It’s a long list, but I hope this helps


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