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What are the possible reasons for a pc to stop responding?

Whenever I start my pc & begin any work,it suddenly stops responding and each time I have to restart the pc to make it ok.Please can anyone help me on this,because i’m really worried about my pc.

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3 Responses to “What are the possible reasons for a pc to stop responding?”

  1. Venkatesh V said :

    there could be many reason which will fit u will have to check
    1. Check for Virus.
    2. Check the startup files, it may have a list of startup files.
    3. If may have a program which goes in an infinate loop.
    4. perform start-program-system tools-clean up the disk
    5. Empty recycle bin.

    go to this site for some freeware for EasyCleaner Regcleaner

    Time bound –

  2. spirit_dh said :

    Dear Friend
    check for the CPU Fan because any overheat will couse the system to freeze and stop responding (if it’s not working or working slowly)
    you can do this by entering the BIOS and check system monitor
    when you start the computer and peep press F2 or DEL
    and will go to BIOS setup

    by the way check for a virus that make the PC shutdown any anti-virus can detect this virus because it’s now new
    hope these solutions will do the trick

  3. Nathan said :

    1. Your system may be infected a malware
    2. It could be memory problem. You probably have more than one different capacity of RAMs. (ei: 512MB and 256MB sticks) Or you have huge or multiple program that you run that needs more RAM


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