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What are the ways to make a backup for your PC files before reformatting?

I am planning to reformat my PC and I don’t really know how to make a backup. I’m quite a dummy when it comes to this because it is my first time to do it. What are the ways to make a backup for my PC before reformatting? Please give me options and an easy-to-understand idiot guide about this. Thanks alot!

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8 Responses to “What are the ways to make a backup for your PC files before reformatting?”

  1. bsmith13421 said:

    burn them to disc or use an external hdd to copy them to

  2. George Camacho said:

    Use Symantec Ghost

    If you plan on choosing what files you want to back up, I highly reccomend LogMeIn Backup or Genie Backup Manager

  3. smack said:

    definitely copy out ur windows folder to a dvd or an external harddrive to use to search for any drivers u want … also copy out any other folders and data u want to save … you will still have to reinstall any applications after u reload windows tho …

  4. sanjay said:

    The backup normally would consist of all the files that you have created on your computer such as word files, excel files, database files if any, pictures, images, songs, movies, Internet explorer favourites etc. Ideally you copy all of them in one folder if possible under different subfolders, then write them together using a cd or several cds/ dvds . This will keep your hard disk ready to be formatted. You will need to reinstall all the programs that are currently on your computer, you can’t back up them.

    Your files will be mostly in My documents folder, on desktop, and in some folders created by you.

  5. Dr. HOUSE said:

    First off, you can only backup certain file types, you CANT backup most of your programs, they would need to be installed, you will need the installation disks. You CAN copy any files you created in software. Example, you can copy text files, music files, picture or image files, etc. You cant copy microsoft office, video or photo programs, games, etc. If you seriously are considering a reformat, I would think twice before you do! If someone told you this was an easy way to rectify a problem with your PC, kick them where it counts and DONT take their advice! If you DO decide to reformat, keep in mind, you WILL lose data you forgot all about! Lastly, when you start with your newly installed windows, when you create files, do yourself a favor and remember these three tips! Organize, organize, and organize! When you create files, download files, save files, direct them to appropriatly named folders in “my documents”. Create folders in folders in folders if you have to! This will make it much easier when it comes to the next format!
    You will also find that you will be hunting down drivers for your hardware when done! No matter what anyone tells you, a reformat is NOT an easy thing to do!

  6. peter l said:

    if you have XP you to

    Start->programs->Accessories->system tools->Files and Settings transfer wizared

    this will do most of the work for you,

    unless you have a virus then the less you copy the better

  7. S&H said:

    I’d recommend you to backup your data and OS to the external drive using Acronis True Image. The latest version of ATI along with an image of OS also enables to create an image of media files and Outlook files. It’s very simple software and you can easily backup important data just with one mouse click.

  8. michael n said:

    All versions of Windows include backup programs—but they do not always install themselves by default (XP Home, for example).

    To install the Windows backup program: Put the original installation disk in your CD drive and navigate to the folder called /Valueadd/msft/ntbackup.

    You will see a file entitled ntbackup.msi. Double-click this file and it will install the free backup program. The free backup program will then appear in the Systems Tools folder (click Start, All Programs, Accessories, Systems Tools, Backup). You can now put (backup) the data on another computer, another hard drive, or a CD.

    SyncBack is a really good program. Below is a link to a Freeware site that you can download it.
    here the link where you can download it.

    frankly speaking there are a lot of free backup sollutions, but all of them have a greate minus – they don’t have support, so if something goes wrong it’s hard to find out what causes it

    to my mind you shouldn’t save money on such products, coz they deal with you data and as for me i must be sure that everything would be ok, so i recomend you to use True Image from acronis, it’s a very good prog, i’ve already use it for 3 years and never had unresolvable problems.

    so it up to you what to choose Good luck.


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