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What can i do to fix my slow computer?

After downloading IMVU, my computer started running very slow. After a while, i deleted it from my computer, and my computer is running slower and worse than ever. Things keep installing themselves, and at random times things from internet explorer like advertisements keep popping up. It freezes very often as well. I’ve tried deleting things that arent necessary on my computer, and its only improved a little bit. What can i do to fix this my computer?

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6 Responses to “What can i do to fix my slow computer?”

  1. I'm all yours said :

    No guarantee, but you might be able go into the backup/restore option and restore to before you downloaded IMVU. Assuming, of course, you are on Windows 98 or more.

  2. Madrox said :


    spybot search and destroy
    use an online virus scan
    defrag your hard drive

  3. Jimbo said :

    Try clearing all the cached files, temporary files, and uninstall all the programs that you aren’t using because they are just using up space and RAM. After all that defragment your computer, beware though depending on how long it has been since you last did a defragmentation, this may take a long long time. Also run a virus scan and spyware sweep. If you dont already have both of those tools, get them as soon as possible. This should clear up the RAM on your computer and allow it to process more freely. Even if you restore your computer, it may not provide the solution you are looking for. In fact it will cause you more heartache than good because you will have to save all teh files you want to retain and the reinstall every program you use that wasn’t preloaded onto the operating system software

  4. davec4real_02 said :

    do a disc clean,run adaware,down load tuneup and run that too should fix problem,if not try restore point to where you didn’t have problems

  5. Just_gone said :

    1) Virus scan. Get out viruses and worms.
    2) Clean out .tmp files
    3) defragment
    4) should be ready to go

  6. Mickey L said :

    I believe there a few things you need to do inorder to get your computer by in functional shape.You should run an antispyware program in order to eliminate and possible threats to your data. The popups are a result on spyware on your PC.

    However you should also perform a defrag and clean your registry. This will certainly reward you with at least another 30% of speed. But the freezes are due to your computer being bombarded with process request from the spyware which have maybe burrowed down deep.

    This link below will provide you with many tips to help you out.


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