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What can you do about a slow computer?

Our PC runs pretty slow, and my dad thinks it’s because there’s too many files on it. Would getting a seperate hard drive solve it, or do we just need an upgrade/new computer? (It’s 7 years old).

Thanks for any help.

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12 Responses to “What can you do about a slow computer?”

  1. clean1414 said :

    find info about your pc and look to see if you can further upgrade the ram in it, if so that will greatly increase the speed in your pc.

  2. Mooga said :

    If your computer is 7 years old, it’s probably time to buy a new computer.

  3. dinesh_461992 said :

    You can change the RAM of your computer.
    Use the RAM having speed of about 1GB DDR

  4. Brodie said :

    put more ram in it, compress the hard drive

  5. Edward T said :

    Get a new PC. It’s not exactly expensive nowadays. If you’re just using the pc for recreational use and not hardcore gaming, you could get a fast PC for around 500 bucks. I mean 7 years old is too old. I got a good gaming PC for 700 bucks and plays all recent games well.

  6. CHS said :

    Don’t put anymore money into this computer if it is 7 years old !
    Time for a new computer.


    Computer Help Services

  7. lil.losty said :

    Add more ram to the computer if you can
    you can also run some system tools such as some defraging computer tools in order to reorganise some files in the computer so that it may be accessed faster by the system.
    you can also free up some space by using disk cleanup which basically removes some old compressed files that the comp has piled up during the years or even remove some unnecceray files and program on teh computer

  8. Internet addict said :

    Assuming that you tried all of the above suggestions now try this:

    Optimally, you should format your hard disk and reinstall windows but that’s sometimes not practical so

    If you have many programs running at startup install the ones you don’t need as theses REALLY SLOW YOUR PC DOWN

    in plain English:

    look at the taskbar, the blue strip at the bottom of your screen, if you have several icons next to your clock ( on the far right) then you need to unistall as many of these programs as possible.

  9. Mickey L said :

    If your virus/spyware free, there are a couple things you can do get your computer working faster. If you using your computer for normal stuff and not gaming. You don’t always need more RAM you just need to perform a few maintenance task.

    First, if you haven’t cleaned your registry in a while. This is necessary. Your registry holds all the information regarding updates, installs, un-installs etc. Each one of those events produces a key. That key needs your PC’s resources and free space. So, if you clean your registry, you make more resources available for speed. Do a registry scan if you got more than 20 errors you should clean it.

    2. Clear your Windows cache files, this is your temporary file. It can grow up to a large volume and stop your computer from using RAM properly. In a sense slow it down by preventing it from using free space.Here is how:

    1. Quit Internet Explorer, Firefox, or any other web browser
    2. Click Start, click “Control Panel”, and then double-click “Internet Options”.
    3. On the General tab, click “Delete Files” under Temporary Internet Files.
    4. In the Delete Files dialog box, click to select the “Delete all offline content” check box , and then click OK.
    5. Click OK.

    3. Manage your startups. Your excess CPU usage is due to too many programs running in the background. You can cut these to barebones by alter your msconfig. Here is how:

    1. Open your Start menu.
    2. Click Run
    3. In the command screen type “msconfig.exe”
    4. In the “system configuration utility”,click either “service” or “startup” tab
    5. Uncheck all programs that your are no longer using.
    6. Click “OK”

  10. Picture Big said :

    Everyone knows that Windows computers can sometimes slow down over time. While not an exhaustive list of solutions to problems, this collection presents some ways to speed up a computer.

    1. De-Fragmenting
    Over time, the data on your hard drive gets scattered. Defragmenting your hard drive puts your data back into sequential order, making it easier for Windows to access it. As a result, the performance of your computer will improve.
    a) Right click of C Disk.
    b) Click properties.
    c) Click tools tab.
    d) Click “Defragment now”.
    e) Click Defragment.

    2. Uninstall Unneeded Programs
    Removing programs that you no longer use can free up space on your computer and speed up your system’s performance. However, you need to uninstall the programs properly to see much improvement; deleting them is not enough.

    3. Stop Programs from starting on Windows boot
    One way you can speed up your computer is to prevent programs from launching themselves at start-up. Not only do the unwanted programs delay the start of Windows, they also continue to slow down your computer since they use system resources.
    a) Open your Start menu.
    b) Click Run
    c) In the command screen type “msconfig.exe”
    d) In the “system configuration utility”, click either “service” or “startup” tab
    e) Uncheck all programs that you are no longer using.
    f) Click “OK”

    4. Check for Spyware and Adware
    Spyware is software that allows companies to monitor what websites you visit or even access your computer. Adware is software that displays advertisements. Both use system resources and slow your computer down. Detecting and removing the programs will improve system performance.
    Get the best one from: to scan your pc

    5. Clean your Registry
    Microsoft Registry Problems = Slow Computer!
    Use the tool:
    Learn more information “why is my computer running so slow”:

  11. prince said :

    Having too many files along wont slow a PC down. Make sure there are no viruses, spwyare by running updated scans. Check the HDD free space.Have you defragged in a while? Get rid of unwanted programs, run diskcleanup and defrag using a good program like Diskeeper. If your drive is severely fragmented or has less than 15% free space, just set it to automatic mode, it will defrag in the background without any conflict. Check out the 09 trial version, it’s a step ahead of the 08 edition.

  12. John L said :

    The computer is pretty old. But before you upgrade try cleasning it up…

    – Delete any unused or unnecessary programs and files. These may be taking up space, memory and resources, thus slowing your computer. Also delete your cashe/ temp files, empty your recycle bin, clear your internet browsing history, etc.
    – Defrag your drive. HD Fragmentation causes slows, program hangs, freezes, etc. Diskeeper is a great defrag product. You can download free trialware at
    – Clean your registry. Your registry holds all the information regarding updates, installs, uninstalls etc. so this needs to be cleaned. This will optimize and remove redundant or unwanted items.


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