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What equipment do I need to network my pc and laptop?

I don’t want to go down the wireless route. I would just like to share an internet connection as war has broken out. (I have a teenage girl and I can’t get a look in on my pc).

What equipment do I need to buy and roughly how much is it going to cost?

My Broadband supplier is virgin.

Any advice would be gratefully received – lol and please keep it to idiots guide level as I am a technical thicky.

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8 Responses to “What equipment do I need to network my pc and laptop?”

  1. Mike Sanders said :

    a router and a tci/pc crossover cable…

    can be bought from most pc shops for about £30 for both.

  2. Joe S said :

    As long as it’s not dial up, just get a multiple connection router and get some cat-5 cords. A router can cost roughly from about 40$-80$. Cat-5 cables are pretty cheap.

  3. jaffarkelshac said :

    i does the pc connect to the internet, ethernet or usb? its by usb you will need a patch cable to connect the laptop and pc and on the pc in network places select share internet connection, it should have hand under it to tell you it is sharing. if you connect by ether you will need another lan.
    Router is the easiet by the way,

  4. Scrappy P said :

    You can pick up a decent router for around $40. Then you simply plug your current internet connection into the WAN port on the back of the router. Then run two ethernet cables to the machine you wish to use.

    Once you have all the cables in place, reboot both machines and you should be in business. Most routers come pre-configured so there is no setup required.


    P.S. I would recommende either a D-Link or Linksys router. I personally use D-Link, (made in Canada by the way), and have had no problems since I set it up a couple years ago.

  5. Anil K said :

    Just you need corossover cable to connect direct laptop and pc and run proxy server in internet connected system to browse internet in other computer also.

  6. Andrew said :

    A router is the best choice, but you can also try a Network Switch but the problem is that one pc has to act as server. You can also have a usb to usb connection but the problem is you must have a long usb cable and its difficult to look for it in the market. I’m not sure with this if one of your pc have more than 1 network/LAN ports, then you can buy another network cable.
    and the cheapest way is that buy two Bluetooth dongles, they have a feature called PAN almost the same with LAN, in this way you can share internet connection and files upto 100meters (depending on your bluetooth device)

  7. pcmanbv said :

    2 wireress adapters…. in case laptop doesn’t have already one… that’s all…. u will have an ad-hoc wireless network…. later u can expand it with an access-point or wireless router

  8. Trist' said :

    I believe a crossover cable is all you need, though I haven’t used one before, and can’t quite explain how it works. You may need a hub as well, but I don’t think so.

    The problem in reasoning here is that I realize the crossover cable will be connected from one ethernet connection on the desktop to the other ethernet connection on the laptop. I don’t know for certain that the crossover cable will allow you to connect your modem to the desktop after you’ve connected the computers together. If it does, all you need is the crossover cable. If it doesn’t, you will need to purchase a hub, and 2 ethernet cables, or a router, and 2 ethernet cables.

    The hub is desirable for simplicity, but as far as I know, is only needed if you want to connect 3 or more computers.

    The router is a little more complicated, needing configuration.

    Now that you have the information you need, you should stop by your favoriate technology savvy store, and ask about crossover cables.

    If you were to approach me with this question in a retail store, I would probably end up suggesting a crossover cable, after confirming that it allows you to connect your modem along with the 2 computers. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to go for now.

    Good luck.


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