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What factors affect computer speed ?

There are many reasons why a computer slows own but all them are either avoidable or fixable. Most of the time, the cause can be a combination of things and most cases just needs a little maintenance to bring the speed back up. Some reasons that slows your computer down includes fragmentation, almost full hard drive, upgraded operating system, missed routine scan and rot kits.

In fragmentation, every time you access a file in your hard drive, the computer must find the requested data. Fast access happens if the data are in contiguous location on the drive. However, if the files become fragmented, it takes more time for the computer to gather all the parts needed making your computer perform slower. You can use defragmentation program to reorganize the data in your hard drive making allowing the computer to locate and access files much faster.

A nearly full hard drive is also one of the reasons for why your computer is performing slowly. A full hard drive leaves no available space for your computer’s write and read process. This process needs certain amount of space serving as virtual drive to run or open a file. You can fix this problem by adding another drive on your computer and distributing files and data giving enough space for the other process to function properly and faster.

The amount of random access memory or RAM also plays a vital part in your computer’s performance. If you noticed that your computer is performing slower than the usual after installing a program, it means that the program you installed requires more RAM. Let us say you just upgraded your operating system to Vista, this might affect the performance of your computer if you don’t have enough RAM for Vista requires more RAM than XP. If this happen, adding RAM will definitely bring the speed back in your computer.

You can keep your computer at its best performance by doing a routine scan for virus, making sure that you have enough space, RAM, and keep you firewall running to block unnecessary intrusions. Use good anti-virus software the gives regular updates on database. You can set these tasks to run automatically using any scheduling programs available.

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