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What is a fog machine ?

A fog machine is a device that uses a superheated mixture of glycol and water to create a supply fog-like smoke. DJ uses fog machines to improve the lighting display above and behind the dancers in nightclubs. It is also used in movies to make a gloomy atmosphere in a night scene. Party planners pull out fog machines to create a graveyard experience every Halloween.

The common form of fog machine is not the mixture of water and glycol but of dry ice dropped into buckets of water. This process create huge amount of water vapor and carbon dioxide to form. This is harmless and safe to fill up room however, dry ice should be carefully handled to prevent froze bite.

The smoke from a fog machine is not toxic however; people who have breathing problems or pre-existing breathing troubles should avoid prolonged contact. In some cases, the sight of air filled with smoke can cause psychosomatic reaction.

Fog machine owners or those who want to invest may consider experimenting with different effects. Fog generated from a fog machine may go directly into air but fog from dry ice tens to stay on the ground. A device to cool the fog faster and can be placed on the fog machine. You can also use pipes to make it look as if it is coming out of the ground. Make sure that your fog machine is a few feet away from the visitor for the smoke coming out is hot in a few seconds.

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