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What is a generic access network ?

Generic access network is referred to as the overall wireless communications protocols that enable mobile device to interact and connect with mobile device with different makes. it is generic access network that makes it possible for calls to go through from a landline to a cellular phone. Nowadays, it is not only LAN or local area networks that make connection but also WAN or wide area networks.

The functionality of the generic access network nowadays is more refined and includes connection options that exceed audio connectivity. Now, the network can also interface with multimedia and data transmission. This benefits mostly the people who use their handheld device extensively during their working day. Thanks to the advancements made to the generic access network, attending to web conference is made possible using a handheld device.

Part of the brilliance of the generic access network has to do with the refined routing and switching components that makes connectivity possible. Today, seamless roaming enables the user to connect with the network and gain contact efficiently all over the world like making a regular voice call. The same with data and sending or receiving multimedia, where the process is as simple as sitting in front of a desktop computer for viewing and downloading.

Known as unlicensed mobile access before the year 2005, the generic access network became more popular due to the capabilities of allowing more types of data can be shared. It was normally determined that a more broad name for the type of telecommunication system must be created. Hence, the generic access network. The latest technology that goes with the generic access network today is starting to create new structure for cellular phones. One key distinction is the need to have two transceivers in each unit, with the one handling the audio service and the other for Wi-Fi and other advanced options.

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