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What is a good free online rpg that i can play on a slow computer?

Im looking for an rpg like neopets, dont say marapets because thats not a good game. my computer is using dial-up and has 256 ram, also i dont want to download the game. i like runescape but its to slow on my computer. I dont want answers with neopet, marapet, runescape and battleon. It must me be free and no download. Note: the game that ilike the best will get best answer

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8 Responses to “What is a good free online rpg that i can play on a slow computer?”

  1. ali C said :

    I have no idea

  2. [email protected] said :

    maybe Oblivion

  3. l_brew0 said :

    RO– ragnorak online

  4. cd_random said :

    There is a genre of online RPGs called MUDs that you can look into. I suggest, but you can look through a large list of them at

  5. legolas99129 said :

    I think DragonFable works on a slow computer

  6. rbresearching said : fun strategy/army command

  7. WonderWoman said :

    The graphics on this game are pretty basic so it should be quick to download even on dial-up. It is FREE and you do NOT have to download it:

  8. Rick jone said :

    If you want a game that’s free and very old school then I suggest Egg’s Ultima Online:

    He’s working hard with a lot of input from the gamers he has. While many aspects of the game can be primitive it is simplistic and easy to play. The game also doubles as a simple chat and has new ideas coming in all the time.

    Max is only one programmer so updates can be slow but just this year there has been a ton.

    you have farming, crafting, arenas, pvp, guilds, 4 servers:
    REgular Server
    Player Death server where xp and skills gained is at x10
    No Grind server where there’s no xp but only skills and stats
    Weekly ladder – which will soon be completely like old NEthack and random.

    The weekly ladder will be wiped every week with the rewards going to the top 3 players.

    The game also has yearly contests for best pvp on the regular server.

    There are also clans, food, booze, and more.

    Give it a try and tell all your friends. Max just got a new server from the donation of several people so he’d love to see over 100 people online, even if its only a dream.


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