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What is a good resource to teach myself about pc hardware?

I’ve been meaning to learn this stuff for a while now. Pretty much im looking for somewhere i can learn in inner workings of a pc. Also about graphic cards, motherboards, ram and overclocking.

Is there one place where i can get this info or will i have to find it all on my own?
All pretty good answers. Thanks

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8 Responses to “What is a good resource to teach myself about pc hardware?”

  1. Rusty said:

    You’ll have to find it all from different places. One place for overclocking, one for graphics cards, etc.

    A good thing to do is to start taking computers apart.

  2. ItachisXeyes said:

    find an old box that someone is throwing out or doesn’t use…and take it apart, then try and put it back together again.
    also you can always check out sites like PC Mechanic and Tech Republic.
    but there is just so much so i advise googleing around

  3. Charlie Tuna said:

    You can visit the A+ CompTIA web site to obtain good reading resources.

    or go directly to Amazon and check this book:

    Upgrading and repairing PCs:

  4. the_orc_1 said:

    a+ +networking is an excellent ebook but get an old pc and go playing with it is the best way once you learn the basics ive been doing this since like 1980 and its the best way especially on an old one then build one when you have the time cause its a great reward to have it built your way and dont worry about overclocking modern stuff is fun without it and oc is a good way to fry stuff =experience

  5. Graybeard said:

    There are lots of good books. I recently bought a dvd called HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN COMPUTER on eBay; it also includes instructions for installing Linux software. I don’t recall the seller’s name but it should come up on a search.

  6. hamburguesas said:

    get an industry magazine that is hardware-focused and read it, especially the hardware reviews as much as you can. over time you will become familiar with technical terms/jargon… the magazines also take time to explain things more than online forums, where the general attitude is “google it, nub” …also they have plenty of pictures with captions and whatnot… it helps…

    once you are more familiar with things, you can move to online communities and forums where your acquired technical jargon will help you to discuss and ask about things, with less chance of people saying “google it, nub”

    also you can read online walkthroughs on hardware installations, and practice it with a spare PC… also try taking one apart and try to put it back together. when you have it disassembled, you should be able to identify each individual part and its purpose, or else you are propbably wasting your time with this step…

    if all else fails, get a book, take a class…

  7. BenMD said:

    You cannot learn these in one session so it will depend on how eager you are and how much you can spend or willing to spend.

    If you don’t have a computer of your own, visit the public library and use their computer to search for more information. You can use any search engine (Yahoo!, Google, Bing, etc.) and just type any word related to what you want to learn and a list will be there for you to choose from. It will take time. Another one is to visit electronic store like Fry’s Electronics and ask the sales clerk to help you buy parts to build a computer. He’ll show you the case (with power supply), motherboard (with or without chip), hard drive, etc. It’s more expensive to buy parts than getting the whole computer & monitor (& with software already installed) but you learn a lot more if you buy parts and assemble it yourself and install software. It’s a trade off.

  8. angila said:

    just try it and youtube whatever you want its free lol


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