What is a multifunction peripheral ?

A multifunction peripheral (MFP) is a kind of device designed to perform two tasks, which required two different machines in the past. Multifunction peripherals provide functions of two or more stand-alone equipments, such as a copier machine, printer, scanner or fax machine, which could work even without network connectivity. However, some units are designed for network connectivity, providing users an easier way to print and copy materials sent electronically. With such models, users will no longer have to get a hard copy to be printed out and copied into a copier machine. Due to its effectiveness, multifunction peripherals are used in most offices and homes today to accomplish tasks easier.

Most multifunction peripherals available today have more than two functions. One of the most common MFPs work with a copier, printer, scanner and digital copy machine, usually being sold as a ‘4-in-1 multipurpose printer’. These kinds of devices use the appropriate software and network connection to scan documents, store it in a computer, pull it up into the system and print two or more copies. If the unit includes a fax machine, the user can easily send the digitally-copied document to anyone who has a fax machine.

The major advantage of using multifunction peripherals instead of stand-alone devices is cost effectiveness. Since investing on different equipments would cost more money, it is best to buy MFPs to keep tasks simpler while saving money. In addition, multifunction peripherals are best for offices with limited space. Since everything you need is included in the MFP device, the device would take much less space. Whether setting up an office at home or for a new business, the savings in space, time and money a multifunction peripheral provides is definitely worth considering.

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