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What is a plasma tv ?

A plasma TV is an alternative to the regular cathode ray televisions sold today, it is a high definition or commonly known as HDTV. Plasma TV gives vibrant color and sharp image, especially with high definition broadcast. Unlike the box-like 4:3 ratio of a regular TV, plasma TV is designed with 16:9 ration for wide screen formats. However, plasma TV is a little expensive, starting at 2,000 dollars up to 15,000 dollars or more.

The main selling point of a plasma TV is the flat screen design. This allows the TV to mount directly into the wall and does not require a lot of clearance. Investors can also add surround-sound speakers for luxury. Plasma TV has become a status symbol among wealthy consumers and other technophiles.

The technology behind plasma television is very complicated. Plasma is the scientific term that refers to gas like xenon or neon that glows when exposed to electrical field. Try to imagine a fluorescent light bulb or a neon sign to understand plasma for it applies here.

The main disadvantage of a plasma TV is its vulnerability to damage. If struck with a hard object, numerous gas-filled tubes instantly lose their ability to glow. It might cost a lot to have it replaced if it is still repairable. Consumers should always consider extended warranties and insurance, since the most common repair is replacement of the entire screen. Plasma TV has limited shelf life for the gas become less reactive to electrical field and loses its glow. It could take about several years for the changes to be noticeable.

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