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What is a podcasting aggregator ?

Podcasting aggregator is a web application or client software, which “aggregates” syndicated podcasts (online audio, which comes from the word “ipod” and “broadcast” since podcasts were originally made to be transferred to an iPod as MP3 records.

A podcast aggregator reduces the time a user needs to check websites for updated podcasts. With a podcasting aggregator, the user only has to subscribe to any website with podcasts once, and the aggregator checks for new podcasts at user-determined intervals and retrieve the update via e-mail or instant messenger. Such aggregators are usually built into portal sites like Google and Yahoo, e-mail programs and web browsers. These programs stream audio signals specified to a user’s home stereo, desktop computer and MP3 player, such as an iPod,

iPodder, the first-ever podcasting aggregator, was developed by an ex-MTV VJ named Adam Curry. Since then, other developers followed and created their own podcasting aggregators based on Curry’s design. The most successful of these aggregators is the iTunes from Apple. The iTunes is tied to the company’s online music store, but anyone can download podcasts without charge. Other podcasting aggregators include and Podcast Alley.

Podcasting aggregators are built to prove that downloads shouldn’t have to be live in order to be accessed. As such, anyone can download podcast episodes whenever new updates are available and users can be updated through their respective e-mails. Unlike radio broadcasts, podcasts can be listened to whenever desired, thanks to podcasting aggregators.

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