What is a range finder ?

A rangefinder is anything that gives the exact distance between a user and a specific visible point. A rangefinder might make use of technology such as lasers or sonar, or basic mathematics to tell the distance basing on the object in the filed of view.

The most popular form of rangefinder available today is the laser rangefinder. Also known as the Light Detection and Ranging or LIDAR, the laser rangefinder works on the same principle as sonar. The distance is determined by sending a laser beam at the target and the time it takes for the beam to bounce back is measured.

A laser is likely to spread out if shone in great distance even if the beam is tight. This causes inaccurate measurement information given by the rangefinder for a part of the beam bounce earlier on object reflected but not a target. A high-quality laser rangefinder is capable of giving multiple measurements in a graph form, this helps on determining the distance of the actual target.

A rangefinder can be used in numerous tasks other than giving the measurement of an object’s distance. This can include mapping both the seabed and the earth without the forest covers or other distraction interfering. Calculating the probabilities of rain and investigating the interiors of the clouds and other meteorological occurrences is also the other uses of a rangefinder.

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