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What is a recommendation for a dvd recorder for use with Directv DVR?

I’m planning on purchasing a dvd recorder in the near future. I have an HDTV with 2 HDMI inputs. I also have Directv with an HD/DVR receiver(I do not have tivo). My goal is to record shows saved on my dvr onto dvds. Furthermore, I would like to still watch my shows that are in HD format in HD once recorded onto dvd. What are reccomendations for a dvd recorder that will meet my needs, keeping a lower price as a consideration?
I’m also confused as to what it means by some dvd recorders that have “HD upconversion.”

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3 Responses to “What is a recommendation for a dvd recorder for use with Directv DVR?”

  1. for All The Good People ~ DEATH said :

    Good luck, most standard Motorola DVR’s that come with your cable aren’t set up to use the output plugs for DVDR. Most don’t even have them wired. Sure, you might see the plugs on the back of your DVR, but they don’t work.
    It’s a gimmick and a fairly lousy one if you asked me.

  2. Broadcast Engineer said :

    No stand alone HD DVD or Blue Ray DVD recorders seem to exist. Only ones for computers. So you will have to get that content into a computer in order to burn it in HD.

  3. Sintori said :

    In order to record your HD shows on DVR you will need an HD DVR recorder. To save your standard definition shows you need to hook it up this way

    Sat line—>reciever–>VCR/DVD Recorder—>out to TV.

    You will have to record in real time and just play the saved show to the DVD.

    The difference between HD DVD and “Upconvert” is that the HD DVD requires either a blue or red lazer which only plays Blu Ray or HD-DVDs. “Upconvert” DVD’s plays original current DVD’s but broadcasts them up to 1080i for your HDTV. I hope this helped.


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