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What is a voice synthesizer ?

Speech synthesizer is capable of translating text characters into sounds in exact with human speech. Sound produced by a speech synthesizer depends mainly on the level of its sophistication, from artificial-like sounds to a very much human-like speech. The idea of a speech synthesizer has been around for many years but only in recent decades have the product actually becomes available to the public. There are several examples of attempts to create human speech patterns artificially back in the 11th century. The first attempt actually used replicas of human vocal chords and applied different kind of stimulation to create sounds. Over time, designs made it achievable to create vowel pronunciation and in the 18th century, several designs came out that are capable of producing consonants.

In the 1930’s the real progress regarding modern speech synthesizer began. Bell labs, created a synthesizer where data are entered and analyzed, which system read to emit the appropriate sounds to form words. While the inflection and intonation of the words sounds primitive the creation produce clear words. In 1939, a fully developed speech synthesizer was introduced to the World’s Fair to the public.

By the 50’s, there are somewhat successful speech synthesizer that used image as well as entered texts. Over time, advance technology refined the speech synthesizer and produced a more clear sound quality. In a short time, speech synthesizer became popular and used as reading materials for people who are visually impaired

The introduction of personal computers also added an opportunity for speech synthesizer’s refinements. By simply adding the device on a home computer system, people with limited vision or with reading disabilities are now capable of enjoying different computer programs. With today’s speech synthesizers, the sound produced are indistinguishable from human speech due to the robotic sound taken off. In addition, speech synthesizers are now capable or creating voice patterns with great voice quality compared to the ones made in the early 20th century.

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