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What is a WiFi phone ?

A WiFi phone is designed to be used in a designated area, public places or cafes have hotspots where WiFi phone works.  The performance of a WiFi phone depends on the number of people who uses the hotspot. WiFi phones range from 300 feet or approximately 90 meters from the hotspot. Whenever you are within the range, you will have connection.

WiFi phone normally has all the features a normal cellular phone has. You can make calls, receive voicemails, text message and with limitations, access the web. Wifi Phones can retrieve greater data and has wide internet access. This technology is also available in laptops and needs no cable or telephone lines to access the internet.

This technology is still new and may take time to become widely used. WiFi have been available in offices and hospitals for years, however, consumer options are limited. It is expected that hotspots will increase in the following years, as the use of Wifi phones become obvious, many people are planning to switch to WiFi phones.

There are still several disadvantages found in using WiFi phone. You are unable to roam between hotspots and receive WiFi phone calls at the same time. You can still make and receive regular phone calls however, many phones shut off WiFi connection when not in use as power-saving mode therefore, incoming calls are missed.

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