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What is an MP3 Player ?

An MP3 is a compressed digital audio file using a standard defined by the Motion Picture Expert Group or MPEG. Known as MPEG-1, Layer 3, MP3s uses as little as 10% of the regular storage needed by the CD format, and the device use to play these files are called MP3 player.

MP3 player comes in different capacities and sizes. The smallest player uses flash type memory, not like the conventional memory found in desktop computers. Flash memory keeps stored files even when turned off. It is very compressed and needs very little power to function allowing long battery life.
The disadvantage of flash-based players is that they have limited storage. Hard disk-based MP3 were developed for larger storage needs. This can store up to thousands of songs but compromises the compactness of flash memory MP3 players.

Though Apple did not come up with the idea, their iPod popularized the device, and with the rising popularity of MP3 players, manufacturers create non-portable players for home. The major advantage of MP3 players is that not just one device can be used to access your MP3 files and you can store all the music in one place, and different MP3 players at home can treat the connection like a library with unlimited copies.

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