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What is Betamax ?

Betamax are videotapes created by Sony which are now commonly unused except for hobbyist. Created in 1975, Betamax’s main competition is JVC that released VHS a year after. Though they fought fiercely to get most consumers, they are now both almost phased out because players such as DVD, digital video recorders and Tivo were created to give better quality.

A Betamax tape is smaller, compared to VHS by few inches. Like VHS, Beta players use azimuth recording, a little angling of the recorder head will keep the image and sound from bleeding together. The ability to record television shows or watch a movie made Betamax very popular and other manufacturers started to release Betamax players of their own.

Sadly, VHS has something a Betamax cannot have, longer running time. a VHS can record two hours of footage, very useful if you want to record a film or several TV shows. However, Betamax, initially have one hour recording time. Though they both offer longer recording time as time passed, VHS was still the first choice.

The ultimate battle of both systems lost to DVD, with the last VHS system produced in 2007. The last Betamax production was in 2002, some still collects the tapes and machine. You can still buy VHS and Betamax in flea market and garage sale; you can also get one in eBay. For some people, they hold a collectors item much as eight-track tape machines do.

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