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What is dual core technology ?

The dual core technology is a single die cast chip with two individual microprocessors. This is two computer-processing units in one. The benefit of a dual core technology is that tasks are carried out in two corresponding streams that reduce the time for processing. This process is known as thread level parallelism or TLP. Mostly on motherboards that are capable of accommodating two separate CPU dies.

Each microprocessor in a dual core has their individual on-board cache called Level 1 cache. L1 cache dramatically improves the performance of the system due to the faster access to the L1 caches instead of the RAM or the random access memory. L2 cache is a common feature in a dual core and L3 cache will be in the motherboard. L3 cache is much faster then RAM but still, the cache in the dual core is faster.

There are also twin-core and double core technology, which referred to as two CPU in a single motherboard. Dual core technology has the advantage for it uses less space on the motherboard with greater cache coherency. Dual core also uses less power than two separate CPUs.

The only drawback with dual core technology is that the software should be capable of utilizing parallel threading or the program will only function in a single core mode and TLP coding is very intensive and wrong modification may create slow performance and error. Due to these issues, dual core don’t deliver twice the speed of single core processor, however, there are major in performance under best condition. Remember to figure out first what you plan to use your computer for before you consider dual core technology. If most of your programs require TLP, then you will greatly benefit from dual core technology. If not, a high-end single core CPU will better serve you.

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