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What is fiber optics ?

Fiber optics is a bundle of plastic strands or thin glass that allows light to pass without leaking. Since the light is intact, crystal-clear image is passing through to the destination from the point of origin. Fiber optics are use to make internet data, images of internal organs, vocal sound in telephones, images and more than 80% of satellite and cable television images. Sounds and images travel in an extremely high speed without distortion due to the fiber optics’ wiring clarity.

Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated how to transfer sound from one area to another with the use of light in 1880. However, it did not work in cloudy days but the discovery set a stage for fiber optics. Over time, the first set of fiber optics was created but it was not named fiber optics by that time.

Heinrich Lamm, a German student, demonstrated the use of fiber optics in examining internal body parts. Since the images were blurred, he did not get the rights for the invention. In 1956, Narinder Kapany bundles a few glass rods and demonstrated that the rods can project light and will not leak if coiled and wrapped in a dark material. In addition, the term fiber optics was born.

Dr. Charles Kao suggested that fiber optics could be used for clear and fast communication in 1960. A company named Corning Glass developed the first optical fiber out of thing glass strands in 1970 and led to Bell’s Telephone determination that it is possible to use the fiber in transmitting crystal-clear conversation from one place to another.

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