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What is making my internet and computer slow?

When i first got my computer in 05 it was really fast, and now its not as fast and almost kind of slow. When i first got my high speed internet connection it would load sites and videos in the blink of an eye. Now it takes some time to load anything and flash videos take forever now. I have anti virus and anti spyware and i am not yielding any thing out of the ordinary. What could be the problem? Is this some kind of sign that my computer is getting old? Is this supposed to happen?

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9 Responses to “What is making my internet and computer slow?”

  1. DannyK11 said :


  2. ryanpatrick42 said :

    Try these following steps and see if this helps. It should make your computer much faster:

    (1) Do a Disk Clean-Up,
    make sure all the boxes are ticked.

    You can do this by going to, Start, Programs, Acessories, System Tools and then Disk Clean-Up.

    This will not alter any of your personal settings or documents.

    (2) Open up internet explorer and follow this steps to make your computer faster:

    Tools,Internet Options, Delete Brousing History cookies ect., making sure every box is checked.

    (3) Go to System Tools with the instructions above and run Disk Defragmenter.

    You must do these steps in this order and do them about once a week to keep your computer healthy.
    Make sure you aren’t doing anything else while doing these steps.

    This may take up to several hours the first time you do this as it is well over due.

  3. Hongkai X said :

    some trash in your system. temp files large

  4. Justin C said :

    if ur running a pc go to accesories and do disk clean up and disk defragmentor, they should help clear up useless files.

    if you have a mac well thats the problem

  5. Susan said :

    A slow internet really bothers a lot. But why an internet connection becomes slow after few days? The reasons may be many. There is a nice article on slow internet and its solution. Definitely it will help in optimizing internet connection in your system.Have a look on the following.

  6. E.G. said :
  7. bob and dolly k said :

    try defraging your files and do a disc cleanup. get rid of any files you don’t need. make sure there is not a lot of things running in the background when your trying to do something. set your scans and stuff like that for late at night. i had some set for the day and if i’m playing a game or anything it stops my computer when the scan starts. computers get old pretty quick. check to see how much free space is left on your drives. check your start menu and see what all you have loading when you turn on your comp.

  8. vonni_2 said :

    I Use This It’s Faster & It’s Free

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  9. KATHLEEN S said :

    Maybe you should use some anti virus or anti malware software to clear your system first.


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