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What is miniDV ?

One of the three common formats used in recording digital sound and picture is miniDV. MiniDV captures high quality audio and video in high-density cassette tapes. It is one of the most popular formats used for it delivers sharp and high quality video and sound.

MiniDV is one of the most commonly used formats in camcorders. Many manufacturers like Panasonic, Sony, JVC, canon and sharp offer MiniDV for it delivers clearer audio and video than analog camcorders. In addition, miniDV offers a more solid color reproduction. MiniDV also have other features like Night recording and MPEG and they are compact and lightweight.

Videos captured from a miniDV can easily be imported on to a PC, and once imported, editing, burning to a DVD or converting for internet use will be easy. With the use of an IEEE-1394 interface, transferring videos to a PC can be performed. This interface is standard to most of the newer computers and if your computer does not have the interface, you can just purchase one and install it in your PC.

Compared to other digital video cassettes, the ones used in miniDV are smaller. These are used commonly for semiprofessional-quality or personal video. Among digital cassette tapes, this are commonly use, these tapes provides easy playback on most type of DV-compatible device. Finally, even those without experience can easily use miniDV.

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