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What is the best and cheapest pc optimizer?

I would like to optimize my pc since lately it has been operating very slow, but I want a full trial and I would like to know which is the best pc optimizer I should purchase at a good price.

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5 Responses to “What is the best and cheapest pc optimizer?”

  1. david n said :

    TuneUp Utilities

    review and download (30 day full function trial)

    note: towards the end of the trial, they’ll offer a discount on the price. It’s a very good program.

  2. Big Toe said :

    An Optimizer won’t speed up your computer, but messing with the registry as those programs do can turn your computer into a boat anchor or a door stop…..

    slowness is caused by to many programs running in the background for the most part……. You can clean out your Temp files and do a defrag (simple maintenance steps) which may help a little bit, but usually disabling background programs to free up some RAM resources will help quite a bit…… A simple program to do that is “Code Stuff Starter” or you can get Mike Lin’s “Startup Control” (available at

  3. Gaurav said :

    registry cleaners software is the best and cheapest pc optimizer

  4. Dd said :

    Below are given two best pc optimizer:

    Active Speed 2009.10: ActiveSpeed optimizes your Internet connection to make your downloads transfer up to 375% more efficiently, it intelligently keeps track of your usage patterns.

    Vista SystemTweak 5.2: Optimize Vista. Vista Tweak Suite. Vista System Recovery, Fix, Restore. Vista SystemTweak is the smartest way to keep your computer working. It protects your PC against system crashes, optimizes performance, cleans out Internet clutter, and provides quick and easy system recovery.

  5. Alaa said :

    Registry Easy is a complete package for your PC care and maintenance that you don’t have to go through the hassles of resolving the problems and with Registry Easy you can safely clean and repair the registry problems and speed up your computer with a few simple clicks.


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