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What is the difference between WiFi and 3G?

I am looking to purchase a new phone, and would like to know the difference between ones that offer WiFi, 3G, and both.

What is the difference between them? Which one means that I can access the internet from anywhere, without having to link up with a password to somewhere?


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2 Responses to “What is the difference between WiFi and 3G?”

  1. Kevin M said :

    wifi uses a wireless router installed in a home or workplace where as 3g uses open air telephone type exchange for internet info

  2. Adam said :

    WiFi is a connection that is picked up by a card or dongle from an access point, you can only access the internet if you connect to a router. Your phone would have internet, but not anywhere.
    Also, WiFi is free.

    3G is a connection that lets you connect to the internet from anywhere in a cellular range. (aka anywhere you get reception) 3G usually requires a data plan that costs extra.


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