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What is the difference between wifi and web on a phone?

I am getting an iphone on contract and it comes with unlimited wifi and 1gb of web. I have no idea what the difference is!

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5 Responses to “What is the difference between wifi and web on a phone?”

  1. STEVEN said :

    wifi is the system help u connect to internet by using wireless connection like bluetooh but web is like ur memory to store and use.

  2. rushabh said :

    apple has wifi cloud in central london so when you go in central london connect it to WIFI cloud then you can use it unlimited or when you at home or at work use wifi internet there which will be free.

    if you you not in any wifi range and want to use internet they you will use web access via mobile which your network provider internet which is only 1gb access you got.

    hope this helps.

  3. OnDaFlipSide said :

    “web” means that you will be passing traffic through the cell phone provider’s network. In this case 1gb, where WiFi means you’ll be passing traffic through a wireless network (Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s, etc).

  4. azad_geekygenius said :

    Web refers to internet service provided by your service provider ie. Whichever service provider you are chosing for your calls etc. The 1gb you get includes web browsing, downloading and any stuff that uses internet like instant messengers.

    On the other hand wifi is a tool of wireless network. It is basically like you get an internet connection and then distribute it wirelessly. So wifi does not depend on your service provider(who anyways cannot provide wifi). You can get wifi services in cafes and some restaurants and you may even setup a wifi network at your home so your service provider has no roll in it and so does not charge you and you can use it unrestricted at wifi hot spots.

  5. Matt W said :

    “Unlimited WiFi” is a salesman’s way of making something he’s not giving you sound like a benefit. You can access the web from the iPhone through the phone network, with a 1 Gig limit. The iPhone has WiFi capability, so if you have a WiFi access point (at home or work for example – or, as someone suggested, one of the free spots like McDonalds) you can access exactly the same things but without using up any of the 1 Gig allowance (because you’re bypassing the phone company).

    It’s extremely useful – and once you have your iPhone, get hold of the “Free WiFi Finder” app that will tell you where the nearest free wireless access point is. You can also use VoIP (Voice over IP) apps – including Skype – to make phone calls using the WiFi without paying the phone company for the calls. It’s not a major benefit while you’re in your own territory, but if you travel internationally it can save you a fortune in roaming charges.


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