What is the easiest way to connect to two wifi ap’s at the same time?

I have two wifi cards in my desktop, and I want to connect to both my and my sisters wifi routers, because they both have different isp’s. How do I go about setting this up through windows? Is there a way that I can configure them to pull packets from both connections. I am running windows xp professional version. I want this to work with out purchasing any more hardware, and I need to keep runing linux. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!
I would rather not switch from one to another. I know that they produce dual isp routers, so there must be some way to complete this on windows?! right?

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2 Responses to “What is the easiest way to connect to two wifi ap’s at the same time?”

  1. funkyfraiser said:

    I dont think you can pull packets of both the routers at the same time unles there’s a program that does it for you.

    Both of ur routers have a name, so you can change between them when you want by clicking on wifi icon in the taskbar

  2. Valdis K said:

    This is a lot harder to do right than you might think. Multihoming on the cheap (which is what you’re trying to do) is a good way to shoot yourself in the foot. The biggest problem you’ll encounter is that return packets will come back via the router you sent out – but there’s no good way to (using Windows) divide that traffic up across multiple routers. In Linux, it’s easier, as you can often tell programs to bind to the IP address associated with one or other router.


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