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What is the fastest way to send my songs from my pc to my laptop?

I need to send my itune songs from my pc to my laptop.I was guessing i must have to by a double ended usb cord to connect both of them or is there another way?

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2 Responses to “What is the fastest way to send my songs from my pc to my laptop?”

  1. c315 said :

    if you have Windows Vista, you can transfer the songs using Easy Transfer, it should already be on your computer..

    if you dont have Vista, you could try emailing the songs to yourself then open it on the laptop

  2. Cory B said :

    if you run wireless internet at your house you can just set up file sharing between the 2 computers and that will give you access to the file from your laptop to your PC without needing to move any files. If you do not want to set that up you can also get yourself a protable hard drive and put all of the songs there that way you just plug it into which ever computer you are using and there they are, it also serves as a good backup device in case your computer take a dive


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