What is the recommended pc specifications to go for?

Need to upgrade my current one,not sure about what specifications to go for,it will be a home pc uses for entertainment,any suggestions please?
My current pc specs is:
-3.2HT processor with 2MB cache
-1GB ram
-ATI x550 with 256MB hyper memory
-5.1 Genius soundcard
-17 LCD monitor with resolution up to 1280×1024 at 75HZ refresh rate
-Vista x64

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4 Responses to “What is the recommended pc specifications to go for?”

  1. falconsport said:

    well, you’re not mention how much you want to spend, but i can give some rough expectation:
    -1st of all, get a new graphic card (sell/throw out your x550) and get geforce 8600gt or radeon 2600 xt (both price about US$ 130-170)
    -get more ram, another 1 gb is enough
    -maybe you want more hardisk space (320gb hardisk cost abbout US$80-100)

    -for soundcard, ithink yours is good enough, but you can see creative X-fi if you want

    -if you have more money, 19inch widescreen lcd or larger is good, especially if you want to watch movie.

    for your procesor, it’s good enough, if you want to upgrade your procesor, it’s very likely you will have to upgrade your motherboard as well (ofcourse since i dont know what motherboard you use i can be wrong). so think carefully about it

  2. ►◊◊黄人◊◊◄ said:

    I suggest:
    1gb ram
    dual processor centrino
    nvidia gforce 7k series
    2 fans

    I want:
    4gb ram
    quad processor
    nvidia gforce 8800
    water cooler

    im too poor =[

  3. T said:

    i suggest a

    intel core 2 duo @ 2.4 ghz or higher.
    evga geforce 8800gts 640
    2gb crucial ballistix ram
    650W psu
    a case with at least 3x 120 mm fans
    any hard drive with enough memory.
    lite-on dvd drive (has cd capabilities as well)

    make sure you get a motherboard that can support all this though.

    and all this stuff can be found on newegg. best hardware site ever.

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