What is the security code I have to enter to access my wifi?

When I turn on my wifi and click on one of the things it comes up asking for a security code, can’t I access my wifi without having a code? If not, how do I get the code?

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  1. Paultech said:

    well its a password you gave your router when you first installed or it whom ever installed the router.
    since you didnt say what router you have you, would need to use another machines possible wired to the router to have the password changed. this is covered in your router manual. or you can contact the maker of the router for further support.

    hope this helps
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  2. John said:

    Plug your computer into your router by using an ethernet cable instead of the wireless. Open a web browser and type in the address to your router’s configuration page (probably and look in the wireless options and it should show you (or allow you to change) the security code.

  3. h8nothing said:

    If you didn’t set up a security code, then there shouldn’t be one.
    If you have AT&T (should be called 2wire something), then it comes pre-set to a number. You can find that number on your setup card, or also, probably on the RG (residential gateway) unit. If all fails, call AT&T, they know your default password.
    Regardless, you can log in to your router and disable security. All GUI are different, but you should be able to figure it out.
    Go to start menu >run >cmd
    type ipconfig;
    look for a line that says default gateway (should be something like
    Whatever it is, put that into the address bar on your browswer like this:
    It should prompt you for a password. Try :
    user: admin
    password: admin
    or password: password
    or password 1234
    or something like that.
    good luck!

  4. Kira said:

    Log into your router via ethernet cable and “admin” as the user and “password” as the password. Find the security key (WEP). Copy down the code and use it to log into the wireless signal from your laptop.

  5. CRAIG said:

    Bit of a vague question – most if not all hubs have the WEP or wireless key written on a label on the back/underneath usually a series of letters and numbers. Sometimes it appears like a password when you key it in e.g. series of ***** values – if it prompts you tick the box to show characters – it’s much easier and not necessary to hide it if you’re in your own house.

    Alternatively if you mean you can’t access your HUB advanced options (e.g. the software on the hub) and not just wireless access to the internet, then you need to do a factory reset – usually a pinhole with the word reset next to it – pressing that will set the hub back to the way when you bought it and the default password will be in your user guide.


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