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What kind of pc should I buy strictly for gaming and internet use?

I am a Mac user but pc offers more games and online games that I can access. I’m wondering what my cost would be for a pc.

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3 Responses to “What kind of pc should I buy strictly for gaming and internet use?”

  1. Simon P said :

    Yes Macs dont play games and even if you install windows on them you wil be disappointed because they cost twice as much as an equally powerful pc.

    Just go for one of the generic desktops from somewhere like newegg they are as good as the famous brand ones and you dont have to pay a fortune for the brand name.

    Just concentrate on the graphics card. Toms has a best graphics card for your money article each month. If you get the graphics card right then you will have no worries with anything else.

    Buying a mac for gaming is like buying a cement mixer for motor racing. A cement mixer will do its one job (running media programs only available for a mac) But is like paying alot more for alot less when you do anything else.

  2. Seamonkey said :

    Actually, good PC hardware is not so much cheaper now – Apple narrowed the difference in price. What makes you think that Apple don’t make PC’s?

    Equivalent quality might be had from IBM hardware, but it doesn’t have the same style – and your PC will be completely unable to run Mac OSX.

    I looked into this last year, and to buy the gaming rig I’d be interested in would be around 1500, for a nice big iMac, the price was 1700 (with a slightly smaller graphics card).

    It’s worth the little extra for MacOSX – so your internet browsing is worry free, and if ever one of them fails to boot (does that happen with OSX the way it does in Windows?) then you can always reboot and choose the other.

    Remember also, with a normal PC you sit and watch BIOS booting for 20 seconds before you get to the stage where you turn on a Mac…

    Can anyone possibly tell me – why would I get a thumbs down for this answer?

  3. Ben N said :

    Strictly for gaming huh?????? Lol. Anyways you are gonna need the big heavy duty ones that have tons of memory in them for like 1200 dollars. Or I don’t have one like that but I have the Sims2 installed in my computer and just as long as you have memory you can install games on any computer. Like one time I had almost every sims game on my computer! But it was quite slow. Another thing you could do is upgrade the memory by purchasing it at some computer store. But you need to remember that your computer can only take so much memory upgrades sometimes you can only upgrade to about 3 KB or even 5 KB. SO yeah any computer can really install games in it.
    !!! 😀


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