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What pc do I buy to play high definition games & email & internet?

Would like simple explanations please as I don’t understand any of the Rad-eon or Nvidea things also how does the power supply effect what you can do? We are looking for a pc that will be ok for a few years. Thanks.

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3 Responses to “What pc do I buy to play high definition games & email & internet?”

  1. capt. Rachel Garret said :

    You could spend £1,000 to £4,000+ depending on various factors, not forgetting what peripherals might be required.

    If you could state a budget, then you could get more detailed answers. Also, state preference regarding buying whole thing or components to build self.

  2. Jacacaca said :

    Well, what you’re asking is complicated so unfortuntely you have to look into some of the ‘nerd’ stuff that comes with buying a computer.

    Any computer nowadays is fine for email and surfing the web. You can do that with any Pentium system currently sold.

    Where you’ve taken the BIG leap into nerd territory is gaming. Current games require insanely high-end PCs (especially to run in Hi-Def as you stated).

    Here’s a basic PC that will handle all your day to day needs (surfing, email, word processing):

    But HERE’s the most entry level thing you could buy for playing current games (Crysis, etc):

    And the gaming PC I listed would still be obsolete in a few years…

  3. dat rapper said :

    The more powerful a computer, the more power it needs. If you get a very weak PC, you only need a small power supply. If you have a top-of-the-range one, you need a more powerful PSU (power supply unit). For those purposes, get a ready-built PC:

    Just add it to the basket and buy it or get it over the phone. It’ll be a great little thing at everything but Crysis for the next few years.


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