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What pc specifications would be best for video editing?


I edit videos on a daily basis, downloading from dv tape and using coral videostudio to edit, add titles, overlays etc.

What would be the optimal pc specifications to do this (while perhaps working on other non video projects while video is downloading).

By specifications I mean RAM, Hard drive space, processor graphics card etc.

I would be working on video sizes up to 11GB (as avi)


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2 Responses to “What pc specifications would be best for video editing?”

  1. Oscar said:

    You need a fast machine like gamers do, but you can save a little on the graphics card, as video editing is not that demanding on that subject.

    I’d say a fast processor (dual or quad-core, 2GHz upwards), some 4GB of RAM, and plenty of disk space (1 TB or more) are somewhat essential for that purpose, while an average graphics card should serve you well.

    Good luck.

  2. Armanda Olowe said:

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