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What should I consider when choosing a projection screen ?

Whether you are setting up for a business meeting, a home theater system or even in a stadium, there are things to consider in choosing the projector screen that can affect the product’s efficiency and reliability. You should first determine the kind of projector screen you need such as rear and front projection. Your decision would depend on the projector that you have and the space available.

Regardless of how expensive your projector is, some details such as brightness, color and sharpness may be compromised if you choose the wrong projection screen. The projection screen’s surface plays a vital role in giving high quality images from a projector as much as the lighting can. The most common projection screens used are finished with matte. This kind of projector screen is good for color slide and texts mostly for computer applications. The other type of projection screen has a smooth, white and silver finish that you can use for almost all applications you want. This kind of projection screens are the ones used in movie houses.

Another thing to take account in choosing a projection screen is the screens’ gain, this means the light emitted from the screen if the projector is on. To make it simpler, you can see what is being projected even without turning the lights of the surroundings off.

The flatness of the projection screen affects the image, depending on what application you are using the screen. As such, if you are buying a projection screen, get the one with a tensioning system feature. Black borders can help make the image projected look more professional and cleaner. The dark edge will give optical illusion to those watching the subject projected as if it was a crisper picture.

The importance of the projection screens’ size depends on how you want to use it. Large screen tend to have a seam in the center. If you have a large crowd and you will be using the screen like, in a stadium, it is better to get the large one. However, if you will be using a large screen at home, you may find the seam on the center of the screen distracting.

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