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What type of pc system should I buy to run adobe cs4 on?

I’m about to purchase cs4, and I was wondering what it takes to run it smoothly. I’m only interested in pc’s, as I can’t afford a mac.

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3 Responses to “What type of pc system should I buy to run adobe cs4 on?”

  1. Kevin B said :

    Try Gateway, or HP.
    4GB RAM memory
    320GB hard drive
    AMD athlon or Turion(laptop) or Phenom (desktop)
    ATI Radeon HD 4000 series graphics.

  2. Fraggle said :

    You’ll want an Intel chip, preferably a quad core. The Q6600 is a good one.
    You’ll want at least 3GB of RAM, depending upon exactly what you’ll be doing.
    If you’ll be doing lots of video work or storing lots of images, you’ll need a big hard drive. Two 500GB drives or one 1TB drive will do.
    Check the hardware requirements for the video card, especially if you’ll be working with Premiere. It can be picky sometimes.

  3. raffles the plaza said :

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