What’s the difference between Blu-Ray and HD DVD ?

Most of us may find it hard to get the best HD formats for our entertainment system. To get the best options in choosing HD formats, you need to know their similarities and difference first. Remember that HD Blu-rays and DVD are non-compatible formats that have more similarities than difference. This really made it more confusing in getting the best option for buyers. Here are the things that you have to know to make options on the HD formats available and make an easier choice.

First is knowing both formats, HD DVD and Blu-ray are from different electronic companies that does not support neither formats. Both Blu-ray and HD DVD is capable of playing in high definition but you cannot play a format made specifically for the other one. Toshiba released HD DVD and Sony released Blu-ray to replace the regular DVD format.

We can narrow the difference down into three factors – availability, cost and capacity. The availability refers to the film companies that make software for the format. Like Warner brothers, they actually are making films specifically for Blu-ray, meaning that if you have HD DVD, you will not be able to play Warner bros. films. Next is cost, if you compare the two formats, Blu-ray cost about a hundred dollars more than HD DVD. The last factor would be the capacity, HD DVD has fifteen gigabytes capacity for storage that gives it five hour of continues playback and Blu-ray has twenty-five gigabytes and eight hours playback.

All these factors are up to you to consider if what formats you want your entertainment system would be. Make sure to pick the one that soothes your need. Most buyers go for the lower price point of HD DVD, however, Blue-ray got slight advantage for having Warner Brothers. Checking if the one may be obsolete by the other will make your choosing experience easier.

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