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Whats the difference between bluray dvd and high definition dvd?

When I buy a dvd I’m confused on which ones better. I want the one that makes the pictures and graphics and color way nicer. Or ones with speacil edition just to b sure is the speacil edition extra or longer parts of movie added? Also what is a really good dvd player that makes the dvds come even better in color picture and graphics and sound too? Whats R rated and NR mean? Thanks

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4 Responses to “Whats the difference between bluray dvd and high definition dvd?”

  1. cra said :

    blu ray is gonna be around in acouple years and HD won’t haha.

    They say there is a big difference but you can’t really tell unless you really really really really pay attention or watch a split screen of blue ray and HD next to each other.

  2. Tiffy-Tiff! said :

    well i know its hard to scratch the bottom of a blu ray

  3. pipi08_2000 said :

    Blu Ray is the way to go. HD DVD sales never sold as well as Blu Ray so all of the major DVD sellers are going to Blu Ray.

    There is also the advantage of buying a PS3 and having the convenience of a video gaming system and movie player all in one. The PS3 also plays regular DVD movies.

    Since you mention picture and graphics, in my experience with Blu Ray and regular, the only movies I found made a difference were ones with lots of color or special effects like Spiderman 3, and the “tripping” scene from Across the Universe. (so far the only ones I’ve watched on Blu Ray). I saw previews for Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and it looked great too.

    I rented I Am Legend on Blu Ray and I didn’t think the effects warranted the Blu Ray disc.

    Ultimately it is up to your preference. You can probably go to Circuit City or Best Buy and look at their display HDTVs and DVD players

  4. RICH said :

    HD-DVD is now history. The industry has adopted Blu Ray as the standard HDTV player.. Blu Ray also has more features, and much more memory. The prices are coming down too. I see Blu Ray players now for $399.00.. However, there are not that many available HD disks quite yet. ($30.00 each, average.) HD DVD’s will NOT play on a Blu Ray player. On a good HDTV, with a 1080p type picture, the pictures will be exceptional. Not quite as good on an older 1080i HDTV. (1080i – a few years older, interlace type screen display.)


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