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What’s the difference between the iPad wifi and iPad wifi + 3g?

Okay, so I’m planning to buy an iPad and would like to know more of the details. I know that ipad wifi + 3g would offer me with internet usage anywhere and anytime. However, is it true that the ipad wifi + 3g is faster than the normal iPad? If so, how much faster?

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8 Responses to “What’s the difference between the iPad wifi and iPad wifi + 3g?”

  1. Devin said :

    The 3G version is not faster than the non 3G version. Only get the 3G version if you are OK with a monthly fee.

  2. itachi_uchiha said :

    I see you don’t really follow much electronic use especially things like iPad? Well thats fine, it’s simple. There is no difference in anything in the two different ipads, except that the 3g you have to pay monthly. Because, well, its just like a iPhone you have to pay monthly for phone+internet using 3g, well since you cant use phone on the iPad its internet only and you pay monthly for the 3g. So thats why you have too pay monthly and the difference. Also the price difference.

  3. Hayden White said :

    The wifi version means that you can only connect it to the internet via a wifi connection ie. a wireless broadband connection within the home or workplace.

    The 3G version means that you can connect it to a 3G data network, which you can use on the go, without the need for a router. Depending on your broadband connection (you may have a fast broadband connection in which case wifi will do you fine), this could be faster, but you will incur a monthly fee for this service (just as you do for your broadband plan).

  4. Martina said :

    3g means that you can hire an Internet service provider.
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  5. Ammar said :

    Hi mate
    Iv got an iPad wifi only. The 3G version you need to pay for the 3G Internet. But I bought a mifi on my ipad I pay £15 a month for 3 meager bites. So your better of buying the 16gb

  6. lucy Lucy said :

    The 3G version is not faster than the non 3G version.

    see the suggestions on links

    Hope that helps you as much as it helped me

  7. Chris Sayan said :

    I dont think it is different speed. I think 3G just gives you more coverage.

  8. David said :

    No, the speed is the same. The other thing you get with the 3g version is GPS that the wifi don’t have.


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